The importance of creativity

Look at this picture carefully. This is what we would have lived if there are no creativity in peoples mind. We would’ve still live in a tent, hunting animals with our sharp rocks and woods, live from one place to another until all of human resources are gone. Think of how fast the world will meet its ends if we keep doing that on our every day life.

Thanks to creativity, people learn from the past and try to create many things and ways in order to survive. For example, the pre historic cave men figure out the way to plant rather than live in a nomaden (move from one place to another when there are no resources left to gather) or food gathering way of life. And then, people starts to use drawings, symbols, and writings to record their past also to communicate with each other. That is why creativity is important.

Using creativity, people keep on developing many things to make their life easier. Well, for me personal that was the first mission of creativity. However, later on, people felt that the creativity that they had developed was not enough. Human keeps on inventing new stuff that makes their life easier yet they use sophisticated knowledge to do it. And now, here we are leaving the easy yet complicated life in a complicated environment.

That is why creativity is important. We have to think creatively in order to survive in this complex world. With out creativity, there will be no cloth to cover our body, no electricity to give light at night, there will be no internet, there will be no skyscrapers, etc.


~ by tuatuakeladi on October 16, 2008.

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