Imagine that you’re daydreaming in your class, just drowning in your own fantasies and imagination. Feels nice isn’t it? You are drowned in your imagination that helps you escaped for awhile from the teacher’s explanation about the courses that are being studied, from your girl or boy friend’s anger because of an honest mistake, from your parents that forces you to be a doctor, from anything you want. That is the power imagination. You can free your mind from the boundaries of sanity. When you are in your dreaming mode, your brain creates a whole new world. A world where stuff that are impossible to do in the real world possible, where rules are meant to be broken, where the law of physics does not really matter. You can create things that can not be created with the power of imagination. When that happens, you are emerging your creativity. These imaginations often connected to the real world. In my daydream, I think of something that I can’t do such as flying like superman, standing upside down, being invisible, doing telepathy communication with my friends, any lots and lots of more that human usually can’t do. I know that my imagination above is very childish and immature. However, some of my imaginations are doable for example being invisible. The creative Japanese had created a gadget that can make you invisible. HOW COOL IS THAT???? At Glodok, there is an application for cell phone that could give an infra red effect to the photos that are taken by the camera. Can you imagine such thing can be done? Think of the images that can be created by this application. The point is creativity is imagination that is brought to life. Do not underestimate the power your imagination. Don’t think of imagination is only for kids. The famous Stan Lee could not create those super incredible humans without using his imagination. Look at him now, how many of his imagination had been brought to life through comic books and movies. That is just one of many examples of the power of imagination. Who knows, you can make your imagination come true someday. And maybe, just maybe, you can make a fortune from your imagination. Be creative, be imaginative. Use your imagination to think of the impossible and make it possible.


~ by tuatuakeladi on September 22, 2008.

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